Our Manufacture

With our modern, well-equipped manufacturing facilities for punching, injection molding and assembly, we achieve an extraordinary vertical range of manufacture. You will be assisted by our experienced tool and equipment manufacturing and in-house 3D measuring departments.

With a focus on automotive, control technology and medical technology, our products find cross-sectoral use. The common denominator is customer-specific manufacture and highest precision in all dimensions.



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Injection Molding Unit

Injection molding of highly complex parts is one of our core manufacturing competencies. Highest precision in all product dimensions shapes our performance profile.

We manufacture technically demanding plastic parts on state-of-the-art injection molding machines with locking forces of up to 800 kN. Depending on the number of units and customer specifications, products with inserts can be manufactured using fully automated production processes. Through SPC monitoring of part geometry and preventive maintenance of injection molding tools, consistent quality of the plastic parts is ensured.


Punching Shop

Ultra-precise punching tools and complex progressive tools are used here. In-house design is performed by experienced engineers in close collaboration with the production department.

We manufacture various punched parts on presses with up to 500 kN compressive force for our own use. Customary contact materials as well as stainless steel are processed. In-house production guarantees quick manufacturing lead time and swift reaction times should any problems arise.

We manufacture approx. 100 million square spindles with an edge length of 0.63 mm and a pin length of 12 to 60 mm for our own use annually, currently for grid dimensions of 2.50mm, 2.54mm and 4.00mm, but our flexible manufacturing machines also enable us to adjust production to individual customer specifications.




Our assembly department offers everything from manual assembly for small series to fully automated assembly for large series.

We develop and implement optimal assembly solutions. All customer demands in regard to annual volumes, production lot sizes, quality and documentation are taken into account when finalizing the production process in consultation with the customer. We implement everything from extremely small series for medical technology up to batch sizes of 40,000 units for automobile applications on a daily basis.



Tool and Equipment Design

In-house equipment design allows for short lead time, even in the case of technically demanding and very extensive projects. All basic technologies necessary for manufacturing injection molding and punching tools, assembly devices and special machines are available on site. In the event of bottlenecks, we have the option of procuring equipment in accordance with our specifications from reliable suppliers of long standing. Our high degree of vertical integration allows for optimal project execution and on-schedule completion.

Mechanical equipment

  • Vertical eroding machines
  • Wire-cutting machines
  • Profile-grinding machines
  • Surface-grinding machines
  • HSC milling machines
  • Diverse CNC milling machines



SMD Placement

We assemble diverse types of circuit boards on our own SMD soldering unit with a reflow oven, among other things for applications in the automobile industry. In doing so, in-house developments for PCB connection technology find use as well. Our experience in this area can be employed for new developments directly, thus ensuring optimal customer benefit.