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Our Customized Products

/H&B/ Electronic is an internationally active enterprise with modern manufacturing facilities which offers customer-specific solutions of all kinds. Hybrid components made of metal and plastic form the basis for our wide range of core products. They find use in automotive, medical technology, control technology and, to an ever-increasing extent, in other sectors as well. Customer-specific manufacture and highest precision in all product dimensions is the common denominator.


Our product range includes connectors, contact systems, electrical contacts, electrical and electronic assemblies, automatic injectors, precision injection molded parts, precision stamped parts and assemblies, male multipoint connectors and housings, hybrid injection molded parts, gas-tight IDC connectors, castable and watertight connection and connection technology, connection technology for sensors. In each case tailor-made and cost-optimized.

For individual solutions and product inquiries we are always at your service:
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