Steckverbinder und -Systeme von /H&B/ Electronic in Deckenpfronn

Environmental Guidelines / Policy

Our primary objective is to reconcile economic necessities with ecological interests. We achieve ongoing improvement of in-company environmental protection through constant reduction of site-induced environmental impacts.
Thus we are committed to the following principles:


  Use of reusable and returnable packaging whenever possible and purposeful.



Use of recyclable materials exclusively.


  Efforts to achieve high utilization of materials for all processes.

Waste separation for recycling purposes.

    In-company transports using returnable packaging only.
Pooling of deliveries to customers and from suppliers to avoid separate transports.

Steps to ensure that all employees make careful use of materials.

    In this way, we transfer the ongoing improvements of all processes implemented in our company to the environment as well.
    We demand environmental awareness of our employees in all areas and at all levels. For this reason, initial and advanced trainings are an integral component of our environmental management system. Moreover, we commit ourselves to adhere to all environmental regulations and to engage in open communication with authorities.