Beside our core business, the development and production of customized products, /H&B/ Electronic develops innovative products for a wide range of applications. These developments include adjustable rotational dampers for variable damping of rotatory and linear movements, leakage-free fluid / electric connectors for contacting cooled PCBs and modules, modular connection techniques for contacting PCBs and fastening mechanisms for mounting modules in electrical enclosures with top hat rails. For more information about the individual developments, please click on Info ...

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  • Participation in the ZIM network project "Medimold – metal-direct-molding in combination with plastic" (
  • Functional parts with direct molded conducting paths
  • Electrical insulation of the conducting paths after overmolding
  • Solder-like alloy is injected to the housing
  • Freedom in designing of the conducting paths
  • Flexible definition of contacting areas
  • Different kinds of connections possible
  • Housing with extended functionalities -->„intelligent housing“

Stackable Component

  • In-house development of a mechanism for attaching stackable components for use in electrical enclosures with top hat rails
  • Simple demounting also with cramped space – also out from the middle without demounting other modules
  • Lateral electric connection between the components possible
  • Straight and lateral insertion possible
  • One handed mounting
  • Robust and in industrial use proven and tested electrical connection system
  • Connection of the PCB without soldering and press-fit
  • Simple scalability for different applications

Modular Connection Technology

  • In-house development of a modular connection technology for contacting a PCB by various cable and plug variants, e.g. for sensor housings
  • Modular design provides a automated manufacturing already for little order quantity
  • As a result of the modular design there is a high number of common parts applied
  • Late joining with the PCB

Leakage Free Hybrid Connector

  • In-house development of a connector for the leakage free fluid connection with a cooling circuit in a PCB and simultaneous electrical connection of the PCB
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable connection order
  • Manufacturing and distribution of a 0-series and use of the 0-series since 2010
  • Simple scalability for different applications
  • Quick and easy mounting / demounting
  • Pressure resistant
  • Fits perfect for all applications where a fluid and a electro cable have to contact simultaneous

Adjustable Rotational Damper

  • Adjustable rotational damper
  • Adequate for all common spring-damper systems
  • Simple scalability of the damper for a wide variety of tasks
  • According to the direction of rotation different characteristics of damping can be realized
  • A variable damping characteristic over the movement of the damper can be realized
  • Compensation of manufacturing tolerances of the spring-damper system through adjustability is possible