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Our Services

Many of our customers take us “on board” early on in the development phase. This is ideal for both partners. Expertise on many products and manufacturing details gathered over long years of experience together with our manufacturing equipment enable us to optimize production planning and implementation in technical as well as economic terms.

Take a look at our key range of services.


By Video

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Our Range of Services

  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Tool design
  • Special mechanical engineering
  • Manual assembly
  • Fully automated assembly
  • 3D measuring technology
  • Materials consulting
  • Simulations
  • Zero-defect strategies
  • Cable assembly

Projectmanagement & Engineering

At /H&B/ Electronic, manufacture of sophisticated, customer-specific parts goes hand in hand with rigorous project management. Individual project planning, scheduling and deadline monitoring is carried out in close collaboration with the customer. From the inception and any necessary patent research down to product and equipment design, our customers have ONE contact partner who guides them through every step over the entire course of the project.

Product Development

  • We will develop your individual product from the inception down to serial maturity in accordance with your specifications.
  • We will optimize the product in regard to its profitability.
  • We will optimize the product in regard to its technical features.


Tool Design and

Our experienced, specialized engineers and designers use the Unigraphics 3D CAD System. Data transmission and conversion to and from other CAD systems is possible using customary interface formats. Secure data exchange is performed via the installed Odette interface. We draw up designs for:

  • Injection molding tools
  • Punching and complex progressive tools


Special Mechanical Engineering

Custom-tailored semi and fully automated assembly for large series is ensured by in-house special mechanical engineering. For our specialists, being creative is part of their job profile.


Manual Assembly of Small Series

For small series we offer classic manual assembly as desired.


3D Measuring Technology

High-quality 3D measuring equipment is used to monitor quality.


Materials Consulting

The success of any product is often decided by the selection of the employed materials. Thus, our specialized engineers can consult with you regarding the use of

  • Plastics
  • Contact materials
  • Contact surfaces



To put designs and manufacturing processes through the acid test, we employ simulation programs for

  • Structural mechanics / strength
  • The injection molding process / fiber orientation
  • Thermal design of the injection molding tool / distortion calculations
  • DoE - Design of Experiments



Quality Assurance
Zero-Defect Strategy

Our quality management develops individual strategies tailored to the specific customer to ensure 100 % prime quality.


Cable Packaging

We assemble cable sets for applications in medical technology, the automation sector and industrial electronics. We have gathered long years of experience with the manufacture of crimp, solder and insulation displacement connectors and for some years, cable overmolding as well.